Main activities of ec4ac are:

Technical support in development, production and application of high voltage products (cables, cable accessories, bushings and insulators) for AC and DC applications!

Design of HV cables (incl. design of grounding concepts, laying of cables)

Technology survey for materials, designs and processing technologies for high voltage cables, joints and terminations (incl. products for HVDC cable systems)!

Technical investigation of failures of high voltage cables and cable accessories!

Inspection and witness of type tests (acc. to IEC 60840 or IEC 62067), factory acceptance tests and commission tests!

Survey of patents and patent applications for high voltage cable accessories, bushings and insulators!

Diagnostics of high voltage accessories (outdoor terminations, GIS and transformer terminations) and of oil filled cable systems!

Supervision of the installation of high voltage cable joints and sealing ends!

Technical training and consulting in all aspects (including material related issues) of high voltage cables and cable accessories!

Technical seminars about HVDC cable systems.

For covering a large range of the needs of our customers we are working closely with partner companies, which have special additional knowledge and technical capabilities. One of these companies is the company SERD-GmbH in Switzerland.
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Schematical drawing of the equipotential lines of the electrical field at the end of a power cable, when no electrical field grading is applied.